About Us

We specialize in the living experience


Vidalta’s history stems from a desire to become a leading property management organization by specializing in finding and managing multifamily properties at the highest standard. Our new logo reflects a modern image utilizing the tree iconography. It emphasizes the concept of taking roots, which translates into the search of an ideal place to live and create memories.

We took the opportunity to evolve our brand in order to better communicate the breadth of expertise that Vidalta truly represents and to realign with our value proposition and vision. It seems like a big change, but rest assured, our core beliefs haven’t changed at all. Our
unwavering commitment to our values, our residents and our core philosophy remains the

Currently managing 23 properties with over 6,679 units in fourteen cities, Vidalta’s DNA is one based on positive attitude, passionate dedication and of the firm belief of going the extra mile.

We live for a comprehensive and steadfast workplace where everyone has direct access to leadership. Continued training is an essential part of our commitment to personal and professional growth. Vidalta is a team of talented individuals that work with enthusiasm and professionalism to achieve greatness. Our mission is to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for our residents, as well as the highest possible standard of life in a community they are proud to call home.

Our attentiveness to each other extends to our environmental efforts, among them are an increase in recycling processes with our waste management contractors. In addition, water conservation is a large component of our dedication to excellence. This project reduces water usage with the optimization of the installation.

We have also endeavoured to reduce energy consumption with the implementation of more stable light sources throughout our properties, such as LED light bulbs. These efforts are not only conscious of a reduction in our environmental footprint but also represent a reduced cost for our residents.

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